Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chapter 1 of The Bookish Owl

Hello and welcome to The Bookish Owl, a book review and book club. It's easy to join, all you have to do is become a follower of my blog and follow my Twitter feed.

On the Blog

So here's how it will work; every month I will choose two books for us to read. One book will be the primary book, and the other is the alternate book. You can read both books if you want or just one of them. And it doesn't matter which, because both books will be discussed. If you have a suggestion, you can email me at , I may use the book you suggest for the bookclub, or I'll read it and then give a review. But one thing is for sure, if you send a suggestion it will be added to the "Reader Recommendations" page.

When I announce the book I will give the date and time at which it will be discussed in the forum which you can find at the top of the blog. And please be sure to visit The Rules topic when entering the forum.

Also, along with our club reads I will be reading other books on the side which I will be giving reviews of.

On Twitter

On my Twitter feed I will be giving updates on posts, asking followers questions, and just doing posts that is book/reading related.

On to the good stuff...

I already have our first read picked out, it's by Dean Koontz I do not have an alternate for the first month however, and I"m not ready to announce the book yet since I still haven't gotten my hands on it. It'd be pretty bad if I couldn't read the book but still had to host the discussion. What kind of book club leader would I be?

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