Olivia Owl and Friends

"Hoooo do you do?"
 Meet Olivia Owl!. You probably recognize her from our banner. She's a sweet little thing. Her hobbies are reading, night time flights through the woods, catching movies and she has a huge crush on Hedwig from the Harry Potter movies (She cried when he was killed).

"What do you call an owl with a sore throat?
A bird that doesn't give a hoot!"
Stryx is Olivia's protective older brother, he loves getting into mischief and reading comic books, especially Hoot-X, a group of owls that are part robot, saving the world one bird at a time. .

Où l'enfer je suis ?
Alba is actually French, and no one can understand a hoot she utters.

"I dare say good sir..."

Alfred enjoys the newspaper and reads Pretentious Weekly, a gentleman's magazine about manner's, how to properly dress for any occasion, and tips on making tea. He can be a little stuck up at times, but we all have our flaws.

"What does IDK mean? No one seems to know!"
Avery isn't the brightest crayon in the box (We believe it's because she flew into one too many trees) but we all love her anyway.

"Glide like a hawk, peck like a chicken"
Brook is a spunky little bird, she's small but don't let her size fool you. She's won three Owl Fighting competitions and almost made it to championships. You don't want to mess with her.

"Is that deep fried mouse I smell?"
Bubo likes to eat. That's pretty much her entire agenda, is to eat.

"Pish posh!"
Neville is a lot like Alfred, however he prefers classic literature and isn't as pretentious. His hobbies include golf, and going to the horse races.

"Hey girl, your so fly..."
Peter is a swell fellow (Did I just swell??) and quite a ladies man. His favorite pick up line is, "Hey baby, your feathers are so fluffy, I'm gonna die." Right now he's dating Alba, last week it was Bubo, week before that it was Brook. We're making bets on who it will be next week.

"It's a good thing"
Shelly is the Martha Stewart of the bunch. See that bow? She sewed it herself. And that scarf? She knitted it, and she can make mouse stew like nobody's business.

"Hello madame, how do you do?"
Otis is quite the gentleman. He says his pleases and thank yous, and always opens the door for the lady owls. Once, he laid down his cloak on a puddle for Varia so she wouldn't get her feet wet, of course she could have just flown over, but whatever.

"If it isn't pink, then it isn't pretty"
Varia is a girly girl, she likes anything pretty and loves reading stories about damsels in distress. Her favorite color is pink and she enjoys all things pretty.

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